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A lot of people have asked us what exactly a walkable neighborhood is over the years. Many people have assumed it is a neighborhood that has sidewalks or a jogging path. But it’s much more than that. We’ve tried to create “long” definition that gives a little more insight: A Walkable Neighborhood is… a place where people live within walking distance to most places they want to visit, whether it is school, work, a grocery store, a park, church, a bank, retail shops, a drug store, and so on.

Outside a German Village Candy Store - Columbus, OH

A Walkable Neighborhood is… a place where walking, biking, or mass transit are the preferred means of transportation, and motorized vehicles are used on rare occasions.

A Walkable Neighborhood is… an environment that is pleasant and safe to walk or bike in at all hours of the day.

A Walkable Neighborhood is… a place that is accessible to ALL persons, including those with disabilities, and (in America) is compliant with the regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

A Walkable Neighborhood is… a place where children can walk or bike safely to school in a friendly environment, and costly school buses are not necessary.

A Walkable Neighborhood is… a place that has a distinctive identity or character that people want to visit, often referred to as a sense of place.

A Walkable Neighborhood is… a building block of the walkable community, where neighborhoods are interconnected, but maintain their own distinctive qualities and characteristics.

This article will be an on-going project. We welcome your own input and thoughts on what constitutes a walkable neighborhood. We will continually add new statements to this article. We thought this would be a more interesting way to explain walkability and why it is important. The photo above was shot in the German Village in Columbus, Ohio – one of my all-time favorite walkable neighborhoods. I also had some wonderful volunteers in this photo. View the full sized image of this photo in the photo gallery.