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Speaking Engagements

We assist communities, neighborhood and activist groups, regional and state governments, and many other groups and organizations in making their cities and towns pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly. We also have expertise in Public Engagement through Web 2.0 and high-speed rail. We are available to make presentations at conferences, K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and other promotional events. We are available to speak to nearly any group size or at any event. Rates are competitive and vary depending on travel distance and type of event. If interested, please contact lead principal Eric Fredericks at 916-669-0676 or eric (at) neighborhoods.org

What makes a Walkable Neighborhoods presentation unique? First of all, our presentations are entertaining—our slide presentations focus on images, not text. Also, we challenge the audience to make a difference in their communities, starting today.

Nearly everyone can agree that there needs to be real solutions to many of the crises our world faces: obesity, rising oil costs, air pollution, missing sense of community, safety, mobility for all persons, and many more. We focus on easily implemented approaches to achieving a higher quality of life for generations to come.

We also are available to conduct Walkability Workshops. For more info, visit this page.