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April and May were rather busy months, and I’m afraid my writing frequency suffered because of this. June might not be any different for me, but I wanted to share some ideas and changes I have in mind for the direction of Walkable Neighborhoods. These changes might help free up some time for additional postings.

First, I wanted to give an update on me since many of you have been asking. I have mostly recovered from the stomach ailment and am feeling much better, thanks for your well-wishes! The same goes for my broken ankle, the healing has been slow going, but I am walking with very little pain now and hope to be playing active sports again soon. I plan on giving a full article into what it’s like to go through this process through the eyes of a pedestrian advocate and a social observer. It’s been quite interesting and challenging. I’ve been waiting until I was “healed,” but the process has been slower than expected.

I also said that I had some big news to share a few months back. I was asked to start writing on a blog for a large real estate organization (hmm…), but unfortunately, the company is focusing attention on another project right now and, in fairness to the writers, have put us on hold until they can focus more attention to the blog. That’s no problem for me, my time is stretched really thin as it is and I don’t want to take too much time away from this site.

One thing that I’ve tried to do in each of the articles I post is to give my two cents about whatever issue I’m discussing. I really think it’s important to share your thoughts and expertise in subject matters so that you can raise some issues for the reader to think about. I’ve also tried to encourage our other writers to do so as well. However, there are some downsides to this. The obvious is for people to disagree and leave negative comments. That has rarely happened on this site, so I’m hoping our readers generally agree with us (and it’s not that no one visits the site, more on this later). The big downside that I’ve realized is that I tend to share less information when I’m forcing myself to give opinions on it. I run across so many interesting articles per day that I would love to share, but I’ve set my own standards bar so high that I end up not sharing it due to time constraints. So, now I intend to share more articles and content, but perhaps less description about it. While this might sound like a bad thing, I think it will be very beneficial to our regular subscribers. Several of our subscribers need hot-off-the-press information for their daily jobs and it’s probably somewhere in my Inbox each day, just waiting to be released 🙂

I have some cool ideas for some future articles or series of articles. Look for them in the upcoming months.

Some of you might be curious about our website traffic. According to Alexa, the top authority for Internet traffic rankings, we’ve grown to be one of the biggest dogs on the smart growth block. We’ve surpassed big name sites like the Congress for New Urbanism, and Smart Growth America. We’re neck and neck with Jim Kunstler’s site and Project for Public Spaces. And we’re not far behind Urban Land Institute, Planetizen, and the American Planning Association. All this in less than two years! The proof is on page three.

We couldn’t have made it here without your support and the dozens of blogs, publications, and newspapers that have mentioned us. So THANK YOU!! With that said, all of the website tasks going on behind the scenes has become quite expensive, and we’re planning to aggressively attract advertisers to the website. The thought is to perhaps convince some to switch from print media to electronic media that allows people to click over to their website. If you are interested in advertising with us, please let us know. Sorry for the sales pitch, but when you start to become more popular on the Internet, it almost becomes a necessity.

As always, your feedback is appreciated!

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