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WalkableNeighborhoods.com is One Year Old!

This page is now out of date. Please update our site address as neighborhoods.org. Thanks!


WalkableNeighborhoods.com is one year old today! What an exciting year it has been in many ways. I have “virtually” met dozens of people from all walks of life and career fields through this site. I really appreciate everyone’s comments and feedback. We are trying our best to incorporate as many suggestions as we have time for. I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year and also what the future year will (hopefully) bring.

The Year That Was

This site has gone in a much different direction than I anticipated. First of all, I had no idea how much time and effort goes into constructing decent article postings that are worth the time to read. I figured that I would be posting a lot more frequently. The reality is that it does take a lot of time to research a topic, prepare article photos, edit the layout, and address all of the little things behind the scenes of posting an article. Had I known this, I probably would not have created the site (just kidding). The most difficult part has been balancing article writing with all of the commitments with this site, other job commitments, and of course, personal life.

With all of the previous paragraph said, this is actually the 96th article posted to the website!

One very unexpected positive idea that came out of the website is the buying/selling homes in walkable neighborhoods program. Our Director of Real Estate, Dan Troxel, has been instrumental with getting this program going. We were astounded at some of the early requests from the program, and we keep refining it on a near daily basis to better serve individuals. We are excited by the coverage we have received, and we feel that what we are doing is going to revolutionize the real estate industry. It will take a lot of work, but we are up to the task!

There are many more things that I could say about the past year, but that would be either too boring or too egotistical-sounding. So, I will instead focus on the future.

The Year That Will Be

Here are a few things that we are planning to do that you might see from us over the course of the next year:

– More frequent article posting and more columnists joining the site. I plan to be more aggressive in hiring columnists to join on. I want this site to become a one-stop source for everything walkable-related. If you are interested in joining our staff, please let me know. More details will follow in the upcoming months.

– A list of walkable neighborhoods located around the U.S. (and perhaps other parts of the world). Many people come to this site looking for them. It seems logical, but not an easy task. We will be calling walkability professionals from around the country to help us compose this list. If you have any you would like to nominate, please let us know along with a little blurb about why it should be listed.

– Expansion of the homes program. We plan on expanding our network of Realtors and selling individual homes that are located in walkable neighborhoods with listings right on this site.

– An enhanced photo gallery. Photos searchable not only by location, but also by type of facility, land use, and dozens of other categories. If you have not checked out our photo gallery yet, you might want to give it a look. We have almost 3,000 photos in the gallery taken from all over the U.S. and Australia. I have several hundred more to upload as well. Not many photo galleries are categorized the way that this gallery is – it is very useful for finding photos in specific locations.

– More vlogging – that is, posting videos on a blog. YouTube is such a beautiful website that it inspired me to get a new camera with better video capabilities (Thank you for helping to create YouTube, Jawed!).

– More features and possible events. We have some big ideas. Ideas that we are hoping will shape the world.

Enough said on topics for the upcoming year.


If you have continued to read this far, I am sorry to disappoint you in that I will not be posting our average hits per day or per month. That is because there are three different ways I can track visitors to the website. One method suggests that we get a couple thousand visitors per month. Another suggests that we get over 100,000. The third is somewhere in the middle. So, you choose. The point is, people are visiting the website and the more we get the word out, the more we feel that we can implement change. There are still some other stats that I will provide:

Most Viewed Articles:

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Top Non-Search Engine Referring Sites:



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Top Search Phrases (sorted alphabetically within the search):

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Photo Gallery Stats:

2877 files in 62 albums and 32 categories with 3 comments viewed 24230 times.

We plan on sticking around for several more years, as long as you keep visiting. Thank you for your support!

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  • toby murdock August 23, 2006, 6:07 am

    congrats on the great year!

    i’d like to nominate my town, Frederick MD, for the Walkable City list. in the URL field, i put a site (www.cityoffrederick.com/images/FrederickCity/index.htm) with lots of pictures of our town.

    our town is an anomaly: it somehow avoided the wrecking ball, and most all of the 19th-century, pre-automobile architecture is in tact. and this is not a few streets, but about a 20×20 square block mixed used area where many, many folks go about most of their lives on their own 2 feet.

    and we’re working to not only keep it that way but expand its walkability.

    if you don’t have Frederick on the list, it’s really not a list. 😉

  • Eric August 23, 2006, 11:04 pm

    Hi Toby,

    Thanks for the congrats! I’ve actually been to Frederick before (and obviously I love the name!). I was only there very briefly late at night looking for a hotel room. None were available, so unfortunately, I didn’t get to see much. I have seen others’ pictures and I checked out the link you sent me. It looks like a great city. I will most definitely add it to the list. Are there any particular names to neighborhoods, or would you just say the entire city? I’d really like to have a narrowed list of neighborhoods rather than naming entire cities. For instance – my city, Sacramento is very walkable, although you’d never know it if you only saw the sprawl places. If you have links to neighborhood organizations to send along, that would be great too.

    Please keep it walkable. I’m tired of traveling across this country and seeing places that all look the same. “Generica.”

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