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Walkable Neighbourhoods – Yes, With the “U”

We are proud to announce that we now own the domain walkableneighbourhoods.com as well as walkableneighborhoods.com. Why did we purchase this domain you ask? We not only want to promote walkability in the United States, but also throughout the World. Our friends and neighbours in Canada, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, and other countries (the list goes on and on) speak the British form of English, which places an extra “u” in neighborhoods, obviously. We get coverage in other countries and I always felt bad that they were directed to a site that doesn’t welcome their style of language. So, for now, when you visit walkableneighbourhoods.com, the address bar will read walkableneighbourhoods.com and the page title will be Walkable Neighbourhoods. However, the rest of the site will remain the same. Hopefully in the future we will have customis(z)ed pages for that domain that will use the British form. I did have to write essays when I lived in Australia, so I somewhat got used to writing in that format.

I also want to take this opportunity to invite those from other countries that would be interested in writing for walkableneighbourhoods.com to please contact us. We are looking to start city- or country-specific sections of the site where others can write about localised walkability issues. As we are beginning to expand our real estate efforts to other countries, we would also like to hear about what is happening in other countries from local bloggers. We certainly don’t want to exclude others that don’t speak English, however, at this time we lack the translators to be able to run the site in a different language. We are always open to new ideas though!

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