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Walkable Neighborhoods is Six Months Old!!

Today marks six months since the very first article postings on Walkable Neighborhoods. As a “present” to those that are interested, I have posted below some statistics on our site. One important thing to keep in mind is that most of the records date back only four months to last October, when I installed a statistics plug-in.

Total Hits (last 4 months): 34500

Unique Hits (last 4 months): 25570

Hits This Week (so far, last 7 days): 2925

Average Hits Per Day: 400 (roughly – 418 this week)

Average Hits Per Month: 12170 (roughly)

Hits So Far Today: 368

Highest Number of Hits in One Day: 1119

Top Five Requested Pages (Other than main page)

Top Ten Viewed Articles
Sister and Brother Become Sustainable Developers By Accident
Bike Tour Part of LA’s Sixth Annual Nacimiento Tour
What is a Walkable Neighborhood?
Light Rail is Trendy
Tampa Debating City-Wide Public Art Fee for Developers
Portland’s Innovative Residents Reclaim the Streets
A Prediction: In 20 Years, Lifestyle Centers Will Be the Failed Malls
Sign-Language Town Planned for South Dakota
Proof That Higher Density Is Better For Your Life Expectancy
Eric Fredericks

*Note: These are skewed toward articles written in the middle months for obvious reasons

Top Seven Site Referrers
Google Search
Google Images
Uneasy Rhetoric
Textpattern Magazine
MSN Search
Yahoo Search

Google overwhelmingly leads this category. It should be mentioned that the Planetizen Radar probably ranks second, but there are some technical reasons why it does not show up. Treehugger would also make this list if we included the last six months.

Top Ten Search Phrases That Brought People to This Site
new urbanism
neighborhoods walkable
neighborhood walkable
detroit revitalizing
eric fredericks
east lofts sacramento side upper
communities walkable
best live place
katie selby

The phrases are sorted alphabetically within the search phrase. Also, we are the #3 site for the search term “walkable neighborhoods” on Google, #3 and #4 on Yahoo, and #1 on MSN.

Top Ten Search Words

I love how Detroit sneaks in there!

So, there you have it. I have been really surprised at the statistics and hits all along. While this site has not seen as much site traffic as my friend’s site YouTube, I never expect it to. Considering our narrow site focus, I am surprised by the hits we have received to date. The traffic steadily increases each month. I did not expect that we would have such an impact in the walkable world as we have had so far. With that said, I think we have a long way to go. Changing the mindset of the world is a tough task!

Also, you may wonder about the Google Ads on the site. Why do we have them? Well, this site is relatively expensive to run. While we are nowhere near recovering the costs of the site with the revenue from the ads so far, we may end up coming pretty close by the end of the year. Hopefully they are not very obtrusive to site enjoyment. However, we certainly appreciate your support of the site! And no, I do not site around all day clicking on the ads. Google does not pay me if I click on an ad, but I do find them very interesting.

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  • Ptom February 23, 2006, 10:29 am


    But what about the gull?

  • Eric February 23, 2006, 5:47 pm

    Oh don’t worry, it’s still around. Plus, I have a new one with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background 😉

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