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Walkable Neighborhoods Home Buying/Selling Program Featured in Smart Growth America Newsletter

Our home buying and selling in walkable neighborhoods program was featured today in Smart Growth America’s Newsletter. The blurb about us appears in Issue 39 of the newsletter, but it looks as though it has not been posted online yet as of today. Here is what they printed about us in the newsletter:

Sacramento-based Walkable Neighborhoods taps into consumer demand for smart growth

Walkable Neighborhoods has added a new section to their website to tap into the well-documented consumer preference for homes in compact neighborhoods with sidewalks and daily needs a short distance away. Through a partnership with several national real estate brokers, users can sign up on their website and get connected with a real estate agent who will help them find a home in a walkable neighborhood.

“The reason we created the program was that we felt there were deficiencies and opportunities within the home buying process,” explained Eric Fredericks, executive director of WN. “We realized that there was no effective system to be able to connect homebuyers to homes in walkable places. So, we decided to establish a referral system that would allow homebuyers to be matched with Realtors who understand what really constitutes these kinds of neighborhoods.” Find a home here.

Even though I was the one quoted in the newsletter, I certainly cannot take all of the credit. In fact, this referral program was the brainchild of Dan Troxel, our Director of Real Estate. So, thank you Dan, and thank you Smart Growth America. We hope to expand upon our program as we continue on.

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