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Walkable Cities Madness 14′ Bracket: Round of 32

Walkable Cities Bracket 2014-Rnd 32

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Now we’re on to the Round of 32, but not before some close matchups in the First Round.

LA barely squeaks past Tulsa…though I’m guessing that’s because most people voting haven’t been to LA recently and only hear it’s the land of the car. However, it has a pretty great transit system by American standards and some really cool walkable hoods.

Madison and Washington DC went toe to toe and DC comes out ahead. But since DC can’t win twice, Madison beats Memphis on the “most votes” tiebreaker.

The Round of 32 has some intriguing matchups, including the Battle for Nebraska: Lincoln versus Omaha! I also like Palo Alto versus Lawrence, and Eugene versus Madison.

If you’re curious what this is all about, read the first post.

Thanks to all that voted in the last round. I think you all did a great job…mostly because your picks were very similar to mine 😉

Now, please vote below and share with your friends!

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