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Walkable and Compact Development Planned for Post-Katrina Rebuilding

If the South and New Orleans are to be rebuilt following Hurricane Katrina destruction, then let’s build it right. This is the gist of an article from the Chicago Tribune last week, reporting that the Congress for New Urbanism and Andres Duany will lead an effort of the top planners, architects, and engineers from around U.S. to reconstruct the South with walkable, compact development. Many will be working for free, or at reduced costs. Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is backing the effort. They will be taking on developments of all kinds and will try and avoid the blight development that often happens in the aftermath of hurricanes.

Personally, I love some of the cities of the South. I question whether rebuilding in some places is the correct call, but, I know that my opinion does not matter on this subject – they will be rebuilt. However, I do feel that designing walkable places is the right call, obviously. I think it will be a great chance to start anew or to compliment existing walkable developments that were left relatively intact. The picutre above is one of my favorite local neighborhood convenience stores located in Algiers Point, New Orleans.

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