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The Things You See in a Walkable Community

I ran across a ridiculously interesting site this morning via the Sac Top 25. Another blogger from Sacramento has reportedly quit his day job to become a beggar and see how much money he can really make in one day. He usually goes out begging dressed in different costumes, some of them are hilarious. I can tell from his pictures that he usually stands at a very busy Sacramento intersection on a freeway off-ramp. I drive through this intersection nearly every day, but I do not believe I have seen him before (Yes, unfortunately I have to drive to work. But I do carpool). UPDATE: Now I don’t have to drive to work anymore!! Living AND working downtown is fantastic!

While I will not go as far as to say that I fully endorse what he’s doing, I think it is an interesting experiment and it is definitely worth your time to check out his site, Panhandling Worldwide. UPDATE: The website is now offline. Apparently the experiment did not work.

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