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The 2006 Website of the Year: CoolTown Studios

It’s probably no surprise that we’ve selected CoolTown Studios as the walkable-related Website of the Year. After all, isn’t it always the case that what is selected in January as the “whatever of the month” ends up being the “whatever of the year” as well? CoolTown Studios is certainly deserving of the selection.

Neil Takemoto, who runs the site, has posted over 200 articles this year—maybe more like 250. The articles cover a wide-range of topics, but all are very related to what is discussed on our site. Mr. Takemoto always posts great visuals with his articles, including many fantastic photos he has taken. Their company is also sponsoring some very interesting real estate proposals, including their $10,000 reward for helping cool towns get built and their $150 million equity network for CoolTowns. Perhaps someday I can take advantage! CoolTown Studios has been a trend setter for all other planning- and architecture-related blogs.

Now, that I’ve completely lost all of our loyal readers to CoolTown Studios 😉 , I want to make an announcement. We will no longer be selecting sites as our “site of the month.” We are instead going to focus more on general articles and will just feature other interesting websites from time to time. I certainly hope this doesn’t take away from our sincerity in honoring CoolTown Studios with this award, we’re just looking to go in a different direction with this site.

I also want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year! One of my resolutions is to write more articles this year…

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