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Site Update

This website is under constant evolution, as evidenced by features that are added every few weeks or so. This article intends to give our readers an update on what has recently happened and what to expect in the future. I will also discuss some reasons why our article postings may be less frequent over the next few months.

Recent Changes & Additions

Perhaps you can call it a change in philosophy, however, we have decided to gear this site more toward those readers with broadband connections. This means that you can expect to see more pictures in every article. So much of our site traffic comes from Google Images that we have decided to cater to the demand. Plus, we have such a huge collection of photos, we might as well show them off. We apologize to those users with dial-up connections. If you are having loading problems, there are ways to disable images from loading through your web browsers.

Another recent addition is our website of the month and future website of the year. Look for a new page highlighting those selected sites in the near future.

Future Additions

One of our top priorities is better categorization of the photo gallery. Currently, you can only search by geography. In the future, we will have the photos categorized by what is featured in each photo, such as bike lanes, street furniture, water features, etcetera. This should help people more easily find photos to use in presentations.

Another priority is to expand the home selling feature of our site. I will not go into all of the details of the program, but this could have some major potential once we get all of the details sorted out with it.

Also, any creative writers that are interested in joining our staff to write articles on the subject of walkable neighborhoods (and everything related) should contact us. We always welcome skilled writers to help spread our message.

Why You May See Fewer Posts

I will probably not have as much time to commit to this website in the next few months. My friend and I have decided to create a website that we feel could have a major impact on the blogosphere. Hopefully through that venture we can bring some attention to walkability issues as well. Of course, any available time I have I will dedicate to this site. I am having a lot of fun with this site and have been amazed at the success of it so far. February 22nd will be six months since our launch date! I will post some interesting statistics on our site next week.

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  • John (Uneasy Rhetoric) February 17, 2006, 8:41 pm

    Looking forward to the new content! (And, good luck with your other project.)

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