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September Website of the Month: The Urban Commons

The Website of the Month for September we’ve selected is fairly local – just a short hop down the Capitol Corridor to Oakland. The Urban Commons is run by Jesse Hudson who describes the site as “an online journal focused on the politics and culture of city life.” Mr. Hudson attempts to “explore cities and urban life through urbanism, the arts, architecture, transportation and economics.” The site is quite entertaining to read, and tends to focus a lot on Oakland and Bay Area issues. If you’re unfamiliar with Oakland, or maybe have only heard the negatives about it (such as the Oakland Raiders miserable start to the season), then you should definitely visit this site. Oakland has several fantastic neighborhoods. The site also discusses topics related to walkability from all over the world. Mr. Hudson just redesigned the site and it looks fantastic.

The Urban Commons will be considered for the 2006 Walkable Neighborhoods Website of the Year award, along with the past and future recipients of the monthly awards.

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  • Central City October 6, 2006, 1:19 pm

    Congrats on the domain ,and thanks for the site suggestion , it is a great site with great links . . .

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