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Photos from the 2006 Chalk It Up Festival in Midtown Sacramento

Each year, Sacramento hosts a Chalk It Up festival over Labor Day weekend in Midtown’s Fremont Park. The festival is located in my neighborhood, and sounds of the local musicians naturally lure you out of your dwelling to check out the fine artwork from local artists. The artwork was simply amazing again this year, and I shot several photos. I caught one of the local artists, Dawn Pederson, in action. She has produced some of the most beautiful drawings at the festival the last couple of years. She is pictured in the photo below.

The photo below was one of my favorite drawings – and was sponsored by a plumbing company!

I also learned some new information – midtownsacramento.com has now become midtowngrid.com. Their sponsored photo, a very walkability-related theme, is below.

This was one of the most beautiful drawings below. Too bad the palm tree’s shadow got in the way…

And of course, we had to promote our favorite tree people – the Sacramento Tree Foundation. Connie’s Greenprint Program had a beautiful drawing from local tree volunteer Marsh Wildman.

There are 37 additional photos from the event available in our photo gallery. I couldn’t put them all in this article, but there are several more very spectacular drawings – please check them out. I also added more photos of Sacramento as well.

For more information on the Chalk It Up festival, please visit http://www.chalkitup.org/.

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  • Joni Ramirez September 11, 2006, 10:52 am

    I discovered chalk it up several years ago and couldn’t be happier to see such a great unifier for our wonderful city.

  • Eric September 12, 2006, 7:17 am

    It is a really great festival. Anything that promotes local artists (which Sacramento does a fantastic job of doing so) is always good.

    I think the festival is a great showcase for trees as well. I have noticed that the better drawings always seem to be near the big shade trees, while the ones near the palm trees sometimes aren’t as good. I would have to figure that’s because the artists can’t stand to fry in the hot Sacramento sun. Nor do the visitors for that matter! I know I was moving a little bit faster until I got to the North side of the park!

  • Connie Gallippi September 12, 2006, 5:46 pm

    I think those social and psychological benefits of trees are shining through here if the better artistic expressions are those located under large shade trees!

    Thanks Marsh! Great job – as always!!!

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