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Pedestrian and Bicycling Policy Rhyme Time

I attended a two-day training on Thursday and Friday sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration on “How to Develop a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan.” The course was led by Peter Lagerwey of the Seattle DOT and Michael Ronkin of the Oregon DOT. Both of them lead the bicycle and pedestrian programs for their respective departments. The course was very informative and useful, although I did not learn too much new information. Probably because I have taken part in at least 10 of Peter’s workshops now.

During the workshop, we performed a walking audit of Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento between Alhambra and T Streets. Following the audit, we were to develop some general policies for pedestrian safety for any government entity. We also were to develop an action plan to make Stockton Boulevard safer for pedestrians. Being the good planner that I am, I crashed the table dominated by engineers and we came up with some really creative plans and policies. First, the moment you have been waiting for – our mostly-rhyming policies:

Cuts in Curbs at Corners are Cool
Transit-Oriented Development as a Rule
Road Diet – You Can Try It!
Plan for Peds – Leave No One Dead
You are Dead Meat to Place Parking between the Building & Street
Vehicles Aren’t the Only Users Who Need Lanes
For Success, Space Your Access
ADA is the Mobile Way

Pretty good, eh? I am sure cities around the world will be adopting these catchy slogans. We also developed two action plans in our short activity time. One of the plans included putting in a roundabout at a horrid five-street and light rail intersection. Yes, the light rail would run through the CENTER OF THE ROUNDABOUT! This was quite an idea, and it has worked in other places. We also added a new light rail station, a road diet on Stockton, and improved pedestrian and bicycling facilities. Remember planners: engineers can be our friends.

I really enjoyed this course and it was good to listen to Peter again, he is really an outstanding presenter. This was the first time that I saw Michael present, and he did a great job as well. The photo shown above I believe was shot by Paul Zykofsky of the Local Government Commission.

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