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Ontario’s Plans for Public Transit: $11.5 Billion

One more reason that I really need to visit Toronto. Can our neighbors to the north please share some political will with our politicians? Thanks!

In a surprise announcement before the fall provincial election, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty unveiled plans Friday to spend $11.5-billion over 12 years on a lengthy list of public-transit projects in what the government boasted was the largest such investment in Canadian history.

Mr. McGuinty promised to cover two-thirds of the cost of more than 50 rapid-transit projects in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton — up from the current routine provincial commitment of one-third and a funding level unheard of since the 1990s. Mr. McGuinty actually trumpeted Friday’s plan as a $17.5-billion investment — but that number includes $6-billion in federal money as yet uncommitted.

Ontario planning $11.5-billion in public transit via Active Transportation Listserv

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