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New Slogan For Applebees

Today, Applebees released a new slogan for their restaurants: Neighborhood-Destroying Bar and Grill.

…April Fools…

In all seriousness, maybe Applebees should change their slogan to that. Currently, they market their restaurants as the “Neighborhood Bar and Grill” and “Eatin’ Good in the Neighborhood.” I saw plenty of commercials for the restaurant stating this during March Madness. In reality, I have only seen maybe one Applebees in an urban “infill” or walkable neighborhood. The rest are in sprawl suburbia, usually in places that I do not think of as neighborhoods.

If Applebees did want to locate in a residential neighborhood, can you imagine all of the NIMBYs that would oppose it? And can you blame them? I surely would not want a huge parking lot surrounding a non-descript building in my neighborhood. However, I have welcomed the new Indian Restaurant on my block. The building architecture is excellent and right up on the sidewalk. It also has outdoor seating and superb pedestrian facilities with beautiful plants. I have not eaten there yet, but I would imagine that it is better than Applebees!

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