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National Bike Month, Week, and Day – All in May

May is National Bike Month and there are events occurring all over the US. The official Bike-to-Work Week is the week of May 15-19 and Bike-to-Work Day on Friday, May 19. Please get out on your bike and do all you can to show drivers that bikers belong on the roads too (without endangering yourself, of course)!

I have been logging in my miles on bikecommutemonth.com, the website for the Sacramento Region’s Bike Commute Month, 2006. It is a fantastic website. Even if you are not living in the Sacramento Region, I invite you to check the site out and see how true bike month promotion is done. This region is probably an anomaly: there is perhaps no better area in the US for year-round biking than the Sacramento-Davis area. Davis is known by some as the Bicycling Capital of America, and Sacramento and surrounding cities aren’t half-bad either. Although Sparta, Wisconsin also claims that it is the Bicycling Capital of America. Someone out there that has biked both cities will have to settle this debate. Another question: If Sparta is the Bicycling Capital of America and is located in the Midwest, then how can Xenia, Ohio be the Bicycling Capital of the Midwest as claimed on this water tower? Oh well…

The photo above I shot while biking down the Ellen Fletcher Bicycle Boulevard in Palo Alto, California. And yes, your eyes do not deceive you – that traffic signal is designed to detect bikes and activate the signal. In fact, bikes alone are allowed as through traffic on the boulevard. Cars are diverted at many intersections. Palo Alto is a fantastic city to bike (or walk) in. I think Palo Alto can give both Davis and Sparta a run for the “Bicycling Capital of America” title. (See our gallery photos from Palo Alto and Stanford)

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