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My TV Interview With Perils for Pedestrians

The video embedded above is Episode 139 of the television program Perils for Pedestrians, produced by John Wetmore. John interviewed me in this episode on the topic of walkable neighborhoods. My interview appears approximately 7:35 into the episode. The program appeared last night on DISH Network Channel 9411 — The Universityhouse Channel. Perhaps it will air again sometime in the future. You also may catch it on some local public access channels or online at Google Video.

I really want to thank John for the opportunity to give the interview. He threw some interesting and unscripted questions my way. John shot this video last September on a Sunday morning just across from my neighborhood park—beautiful Capitol Park in Downtown Sacramento. Most weekdays there would be many more pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles passing by.

I was very nervous at the beginning of the shoot for some reason—even though I had done much longer television interviews in the past. Maybe the sun was affecting me as it was shining directly into my eyes 🙂

The most interesting part of this experience to me was the opportunity to talk with John for a while after the shoot about his television program. This program he puts together is simply amazing despite the few resources he has to work with.

This is also the first time I have revealed what I look like on this website, which is a little significant to me. Some of you may be surprised to find out that I’m pretty young. I have experienced age discrimination several times in my career already, so many times I end up having to prove myself twice as much as someone that is older than me. Thus, I have been a little bit apprehensive about posting my image on the website. However, my full-time jobs have been nearly solely focused on walkable neighborhoods for over 4 years now, and I have additional smart growth-related job experience and education beyond that. So, I wouldn’t discredit my experience based solely upon my age. I’m sure most people would be pretty knowledgeable after dedicating their life to an issue for 4 years.

The age issue just motivates me to work even harder to make sure I know what I’m talking about. Having some background in civil engineering also doesn’t hurt, because many of the questions and concerns about walkable neighborhoods are raised by engineers.

Anyhow, enough ranting. Please check out the other interviews in the video as well. The interview following mine is with a Sacramento bicycle advocate, Tom Schefflin, who I believe works for the California Air Resources Board.

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