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My Interview at Small Failures

Jessie Jane at Small Failures: Sustainability for the Rest of Us recently asked me a few questions about walkable neighborhoods. Specifically, she asked me: 1) How does a walkable neighborhood impact the daily lives of its residents? 2) What should we be aware of when interacting with our neighborhood throughout the day? 3) How can we each help make our neighborhoods more walkable? and; 4) What are some good resources you might point people to for further reading? You can read my answers here.

I want to thank Jessie for this opportunity. I had a lot of fun attempting to answer her questions. Please check out the rest of her website as well, there are many great articles on sustainability and is very much in line with what we promote here.

The Walkable Neighborhood: An Interview with Eric Fredericks [Small Failures]

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  • Debo Hobo June 7, 2007, 5:21 pm

    I really found this blog quite useful- I left a posted comment for Small Failures as well and here is what I said-“Now this was a truly useful and informative post. Here in Dallas, TX-US we have a lot of neighborhoods that have been grown out of refurbishing the down town cityscape as well as in the suburban out lying areas(the elite areas). These neighborhoods come complete with shops, eateries, cleaner etc everything one would have to drive out to utilize. Before reading this article I thought that would be a drag seeing the same folk and scenery everyday. What an awakening this article is. It may be time for me to move.”

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