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March Website of the Month: Veritas et Venustas

The Website of the Month for March is actually the weblog of a well-known architect, John Massengale. So why is his site chosen as a walkable-related site? Because he also happens to be founding member of the Congress for New Urbanism and more importantly, he has been on the ground in the South helping to plan and rebuild the Katrina-ravaged cities – in a smart way. At Veritas et Venustas this past month, John has written countless articles, many focusing on post-Katrina new urbanist efforts (and media battles). While I do not always agree with some new urbanism principles or developments, I am fairly confident that I agree with John most of the time. However, there is one thing I cannot agree with him on, and that is baseball teams. John is a die-hard New York Yankees fan, and of course, I am huge Chicago White Sox fan. I don’t hold that against him, though.

Veritas et Venustas will be considered for the 2006 Walkable Neighborhoods Website of the Year award along with the future recipients of the monthly awards.

You may have noticed that I added a new link on the sidebar for the Site of the Month. Now you can more easily find past recipients of the awards.

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