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June Website(s) of the Month: Curbed, Curbed LA, and Curbed SF

The June websites of the month are unorthodox picks considering they are real estate blogs, but I find them quite fascinating and well worth mentioning on this site. You might ask why there are multiple picks for this month? Well, you cannot really select one of the sites without mentioning the other two. The selections for the month are Curbed, Curbed LA, and Curbed SF. These sites have become the center for virtual discussions on real estate in New York (Curbed), Los Angeles, and now, San Francisco. Curbed is also “the most-trafficked neighborhood and real-estate weblog on the web.”

These sites were selected not only because of the real estate information provided, but also because the writers there get walkability and it is often reflected in their articles. The articles are often very humorous and cynical — especially when it comes to auto-oriented discussion. Even if you do not live in one of the three cities (I don”t), they are still a must read. I must admit that I enjoy reading the LA blog the best. Perhaps it is because I started reading it before Curbed SF was established and I liked reading about the city closer to home. Plus, Los Angeles faces so many interesting challenges! I will probably start focusing on Curbed SF a little more because I live so close to San Francisco and I know the city much better. Of course, the original Curbed is a brilliant website as well!

The Curbed sites will be considered together as one entry for the 2006 Walkable Neighborhoods Website of the Year award along with the past and future recipients of the monthly awards.

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  • Mortgage Mods April 11, 2009, 12:21 am

    A fantastic read….very literate and informative. Many thanks….where is your RSS button ?

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