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July Website of the Month: Sprawled Out: The Search for Community in the American Suburb

I love the feeling that comes to me after sitting back and trying to think of a good website to chose for the Site of the Month – and then suddenly it pops into my head. This month, the website that gave me that satisfaction is Sprawled Out: The Search for Community in the American Suburb. John Michlig, the creator of the site, stumbled across our website earlier this month and told us about his site. Here is how he described it:

SPRAWLED OUT logs my work on a book designed to use my city of Franklin, Wisconsin as an example of the community planning process (or lack thereof) in modern American cities and towns around the country. As the title implies, there will be a certain bias against the sort of unchecked, freeway-fed expansion that the United States has seen since the end of World War II.

The site is excellent and provides very current information on smart growth happenings, books, websites, and what is going on in Franklin. We certainly wish John the best of luck with his project.

Sprawled Out will be considered for the 2006 Walkable Neighborhoods Website of the Year award, along with the past and future recipients of the monthly awards.

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