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January Website of the Month: CoolTown Studios

We are starting a new feature at Walkable Neighborhoods – giving recognition each month to a website that encourages and promotes walkable neighborhoods, compact and sustainable development, and smart growth principles. The selection for this month was not a difficult process. CoolTown Studios is a great source for walkable-related information. Neil Takemoto, the founding director of CoolTown Studios, has years of experience in the “implementation of next-generation towns” and it is reflected in his writing on the site. In January, Neil documented many of the old and new walkable neighborhoods and transit-oriented developments in the seventeen articles he wrote about his recent trip to the San Francisco Bay Area. For this excellent series of articles and continued outstanding promotion of walkable neighborhoods concepts, CoolTown Studios is the first recipient of our Website of the Month award. Congratulations!

With the receipt of this award, CoolTown Studios will be considered for the 2006 Walkable Neighborhoods Website of the Year award along with the future recipients of the monthly awards.

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