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Hope for the South Following Hurricane Katrina

Our hearts go out to the people of the South who have been suffering through such horrific events the last few years, and particularly Hurricane Katrina. We can only hope that the loss of life is minimal and that the South can recover from this terrible disaster.

Instead of focusing on the tragedies of what has happened, Walkable Neighborhoods would like to profile one of the most unique, beautiful, and walkable cities in the US and perhaps the world – New Orleans, Louisiana. I certainly do not want to minimize the importance of other cities and places that have been affected by this hurricane, however, I have not visited many other places in that region. But I have visited New Orleans three times. I want to share some of my experiences and photos of the city. While I do currently have some photos online of the most walkable places of New Orleans, there are a several more photos that I would like to add to the photo gallery this week. I would invite you to visit the gallery and check back for an article about the great city.

Also, if you have any experiences or photos that you would like to share about some of the places affected by Hurricane Katrina, please contact us. We would also encourage you to donate any resources you have available to the American Red Cross.

We can only hope that the South will recover and prosper following this event. And we certainly hope that some of the most historic and walkable places in the US can be rebuilt once again.

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