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Hackettstown, New Jersey Lauded For Its Walkability

Hackettstown, New Jersey has been receiving a lot of press coverage lately – with good news to report. Hackettstown was named among the best places to live finalists in Money Magazine in 2005 and in the New Jersey Monthly in 2006. Recently, the Easton, PA Express-Times reported that the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority named Hackettstown a “walkable community” and has allocated money for a consulting firm to evaluate and recommend pedestrian improvements on its highly-regarded Main Street. “It’s an impressive main street,” said Ron Tindall, project manager for the authority’s Walkable Communities program. “And there are things that could be improved for walkability and livability.”

It sounds as though Hackettstown is well-deserving of its recognition. I have never been there, but judging by Google Maps, Hackettstown looks fairly walkable. Here are a few things I found interesting about these stories:

1) I do not trust Money Magazine’s list of best places to live, as evidenced by my recent article.
2) The New Jersey Monthly seemed to appreciate the fact that they are going to put a huge GATED active-adult community of 115 condos and another 101 luxury houses along the Musconetcong River. I certainly don’t.
3) The Express-Times reporter incorrectly listed the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority as the New Jersey Transportation Planning Authority. We all make mistakes.
4) Ron Tindall is serving the same role that I did while at the regional government in Dayton, Ohio. I’m very glad to see that North New Jersey has a similar program.

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