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ETE: On SWISS Walkability…

There’s lovely walking paths everywhere here…this is one of our neighborhood paths separated by hedges. I spent hours walking around the Lake of Zurich last night on a wonderful path next to the water. Zurich is currently in the process of closing down many of their city centre roads for new trams, and expanding their walking paths.

There’s a different mentality here about letting your kids walk 500 yards. Lynne was expressing her disbelief that American moms drive their kids 500 yards to their school bus stops instead of walking them or letting them go themselves.

Children also are required by national law to come home for a 12-1:45pm lunch break — the main meal in Switzerland. Perhaps between the walking to school or bus stop, and access to healthier food at lunchtime, explains why Swiss children aren’t known for high obesity rates.

This article is part of the Exploring Transportation in Europe series.

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