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ETE: On SWISS Bicycling

A “Wanderweg” is a marked path for pedestrians and cyclists. I took the bus down to the lake to go swimming and was amused to see so many kids on board in their swimsuits and parents with inflatable tubes!

There were definitely more people biking and walking to the lake that driving….and it was so quiet since only non-motorized boats are allowed on the water.

One thing I noticed about the bicycle routes….there are a lot of ‘wanderwegs’ in Zurich that border the Lake and are so wide that there is a designated lane for the bicycles and the rest is for pedestrians. It seems to work well as the bikes don’t have to ride next to the strange traffic flow and stop at intersections — yet they do not interfere with pedestrians.

This article is part of the Exploring Transportation in Europe series.

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