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ETE: On GERMAN Hauptbahnhofen…

We arrived in Berlin’s new and AMAZING Hauptbahnhof (central train station), which cost 900 million euros to construct. This station was absolutely incredible. It was basically a massive shopping mall/transport hub…..how fun that you can go shoe shopping while waiting for the train! This picture shows just a few of the 5 levels in the building to accomodate the various integration of transport:

Level -2: U-Bahn (Berlin’s underground rail network)
Level -1: U-Bahn
Level E: Berlin’s Trams and Busses
Level 1: The S-Bahn train (Berlin’s surface rail)
Level 2: The DB trains (Deutsch Bahn rail company), including RE (regional trains) and ICE (high-speed rail)

This article is part of the Exploring Transportation in Europe series.

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