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Day 8: Lane Avenue – Upper Arlington, OH

The next stop on our photo tour is located a few hours north of our last stop in Cincinnati. Upper Arlington is a fairly walkable suburb of Columbus. I just happened to catch this father biking down the sidewalk with his two sons. The restaurant pictured is La Chatelaine, a quaint French bakery and bistro located on Lane Avenue.

While I’m not an advocate for biking on the sidewalk because of bicyclist safety factors, Lane Avenue is not a bike friendly street—especially for children. Many of the residential streets in Upper Arlington are good for biking.

When I used to (part-time) live in Columbus, I stayed just a short distance from here. Across the street from where this photo was taken is the Shops on Lane Avenue. These shops underwent a massive renovation in 2005 and is now definitely more walker-friendly. There are a few restaurants with pleasant outdoor seating areas that I frequented. The owner of the shops (at least in 2005) also owned the Town and Country Shopping Center in Kettering, Ohio near Dayton. The thing I really liked about both of these suburban-esqe developments is that they provide (what I call) cut-throughs to the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Those little sidewalk connections allow neighborhood residents to avoid walking the mile or so to get around the fence that typically surrounds this type of development—and thus avoid having to hop in the car.

Upper Arlington also has a lovely historic district. There are a few schools within short walking distance to the shops there. (See the city guidelines for this district).

If you only have a short time in Columbus, I recommend several places to visit before Upper Arlington, such as nearby Grandview Heights and other Columbus neighborhoods (see prior Columbus articles for some recommendations). If you visit some of the other places, then Upper Arlington is worth a visit. It has some massive older homes that even urbanites find impressive.

This article is a part of the Exploring the Walkability of America in 30 Days photo series.

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