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Day 6: Memorial Park – Pasadena, CA

I know that photographically, there is a lot to criticize in this photo. However, I just can’t help but love Memorial Park’s mature trees, the beautiful clock tower, the pedestrians, and the mountains in the background.

The Downtown and Old Pasadena neighborhoods are quite interesting stops along the Gold Line. There are a couple of TODs built around Pasadena Gold Line stations as well (and by looking at this link, I realized I missed a lot myself). Make sure that the next time you’re in L.A. to make a visit here. Believe it or not, much of Pasadena’s revitalization happened because the city started charging more for parking.

I highly recommend eating at the All India Cafe on Fair Oaks Avenue.

This is the last California photo in the series for a few days. When I was ranking the photos, I didn’t pay too much attention to geographic breakdown and later realized I had a large California block. I think there are several reasons why I have selected more California photos, and it’s not just because California is so beautiful—I have a new camera and my photography skills have likely improved since moving here two years ago.

This article is a part of the Exploring the Walkability of America in 30 Days photo series.

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