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Day 30: Monterey Bay Coastal Trail – Pacific Grove, CA

Monterey Bay and the Coastal Trail shot from Pacific Grove, CA

Monterey Bay and the Coastal Trail shot from Pacific Grove, CA

Whew! Finally, after 29 days of anticipation and waiting for the #1 photo, I bring to you this photo of Pacific Grove, California.

The bike path in the right side of the photo is the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail and you can tell from this photo that it’s probably one of the most beautiful paths in the world. Also pictured is Monterey Bay and either the Santa Cruz Mountains or the Gabilan Range in the background (or both). The rocks appearing in this photo are often covered by sea lions and many other aquatic species.

This photo made it to the top more for the surrounding beauty than the “bikability,” but nevertheless, it turned out to be my favorite of the pictures related to this website.

Pacific Grove is probably in my top five most picturesque places in America. It has a charming little downtown, beautiful views of the Bay and the Pacific, and is nicknamed Butterfly Town, U.S.A because of the Monarch butterfly wintering phenomenon. It’s downfalls—typical for the Monterey Bay Area—very expensive, not as much diversity, lack of larger city nightlife, and year-round moderate climate for those like me that like a change of seasons. Those downfalls aside, it’s still quite an amazing place. As I’ve said before numerous times in this photo series, you can view more photos of Pacific Grove in the photo gallery (Please excuse some of my bad photos, I need to remove them when I magically find the time!).

Well, this ends the photo series. Hope you enjoyed the tour! I plan to have a recap and links to all of the articles and photos soon.

This article is a part of the Exploring the Walkability of America in 30 Days photo series.

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