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Day 20: Santana Row – San Jose, CA

After a few days in Big Ten country, we head back to Beckhamland. Actually, San Jose is in Northern California, quite a bit north of Los Angeles. Although, San Jose has a couple of big things in common with Los Angeles—freeways and wide streets.

Hope is not all lost in San Jose, there are some great sites to see in downtown and some other areas. One of those areas is located across from a shopping mall and near a major freeway interchange. Santana Row, where I shot this photo, is a former strip shopping mall turned into a European-style village—with chain stores. While I’m not a fan of chain stores or non-walkable areas, Santana Row is beautiful and much better than your typical alternative.

You may recognize this photo from the front page of the website. It’s also been used in some smaller publications. I’m a huge sucker for palm trees with lights around them. I have more photos of San Jose and Santana Row on display in the photo gallery.

This article is a part of the Exploring the Walkability of America in 30 Days photo series.

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  • Justin Lanska September 13, 2007, 3:05 pm

    If you actually got to walk to Santana Row, I would be amazed. It’s a glorified outdoor mall with boutique housing gingerly placed above a few buildings. Quite plastic indeed. The very fact that as you drive into Santana Row, you got through a parking lot in order to get into the “Main Street.”

    Metropolis Magazine wrote on SR and how it’s training suburbanites into urban living, quite sad.


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