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Day 2: Post-Football Game Walking – Berkeley, CA

Berkeley is one of my favorite cities in the world, and it was rather difficult for me to pick out my favorite. This photo was the most striking to me – perhaps more so when viewed in full-screen mode. It takes me right back to the moment of wandering the neighborhoods of Berkeley following the Cal-Illinois football game in 2005. My Illini had the lead going into the 4th Quarter, but ended up collapsing and losing 35-20. I was wearing my Illini orange, and the Cal frat guys were razzing us as we left the stadium. These fans pictured were much more polite and I really enjoyed walking through Berkeley despite the tough loss.

I also wanted to include an honorable mention photo. The picture below is the entrance to one of the connecting paths for neighborhoods that heads down a hill to the right in the photo. There are many of these walking paths that connect neighborhoods where either there is no street or the street ends. You can also see the hills of Berkeley in the background. It’s truly a remarkable setting.

Next time you’re in the Bay Area, take the time to visit Berkeley as well. You won’t be disappointed. I also have a photo gallery of Berkeley that includes many of my photos. I still have dozens more to upload.

This article is a part of the Exploring the Walkability of America in 30 Days photo series.

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