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Day 19: Nittany Lion Shrine – State College, PA

State College is a great college town tucked away in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania, and is home to Penn State University. It is one of the beautiful, quaint small towns that you associate with the Eastern United States. It always makes it near the top of best places to live list, and was recently named the best place to live for singles by Money Magazine.

The Nittany Lion Shrine, pictured above, is an incredibly popular icon of the Penn State campus. People are constantly lined up to get their picture taken in front of the shrine. I really liked the way this photo turned out.

Interstate 99 expansion is severely threatening the quaintness of the valley. There’s already sprawl occurring along the interchanges. State College is already pretty auto-oriented, but new developments have bike lanes and good access to transit—something that is not often seen outside the West Coast.

The downtown is quite nice but also includes student-oriented bars and restaurants. You can see more of State College in the photo gallery. I’ve included an honorable mention photo of one of their information kiosks.

State College is also a great place to take in a football game. Just don’t let any Illini fans know that I said that…

This article is a part of the Exploring the Walkability of America in 30 Days photo series.

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