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Day 11: Centennial Olympic Park – Atlanta, GA

Today, we head to the South to the land synonymous with sprawl—Atlanta, Georgia. I shot this photo in Centennial Olympic Park last year. I love fountains and water features, and I found this one enjoyable—even on a blustery and chilly day. Overall, while the park has some great features, I feel pales in comparison to Olympic Park in Sydney, Australia. To be fair, Atlanta’s park is much more centrally located than Sydney’s and does not have as many of the venues nearby.

I invite you to read my previous in-depth articles about both the good and the bad of Atlanta. You can also see more photos from my visit there.

This article is a part of the Exploring the Walkability of America in 30 Days photo series.

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  • Michael B. July 25, 2007, 9:19 am

    Nice pictures of Detroit.

    I do not live in Detroit, but I visit the city often; and let me give you a word of advice. Do not listen to people who live an hour outside of Detroit when it comes to safety. Most people in suburban Detroit think of Detroit as a crime ridden area where you will get shot walking downtown.
    The truth is that downtown Detroit is safe. Most of the high crime areas are in the outter neighbourhoods. Downtown aslong as you have street smarts is very safe, and recent studies show downtown Detroit is as safe as the suburbs the people who were telling you not to go downtown live in.

    So enjoy Detroit. Detroit has amazing cultural offerings. Look past the decay and discover a gem of a city.
    As always, use streetsmarts. But big behind the decay and discover the real Detroit that still lives on.

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