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Day 1: Addison Circle – Addison, TX

I couldn’t have a tour around the United States without a stop in Texas! Texas is not known for its walkability – with the exception of Austin, the San Antonio Riverwalk, Central Houston, and a few other places. But there really are a few gems in the sprawling Dallas-Fort Worth area.

One of these is Addison Circle, a neighborhood centered around a large roundabout with a large adjoining park (pictured above). There are hundreds brick townhomes, condos, and apartments – many with retail on the bottom. Some of the units are listed at close to $600,000 – which is extremely expensive real estate for North Texas. There is also express bus service from this development to Downtown Dallas. You can read more about this pleasant development here.

Some background on this photo: I was in North Texas for my brother’s wedding this past April. Before my flight home, my new sister-in-law offered to give me a tour of Addison Circle. We witnessed the aesthetically pleasing, but dysfunctional roundabout there. This included watching a black Jetta go around the roundabout some 30 times before another black Jetta did the same thing.

After a pleasant lunch and chat at Greenz, we walked around the development and I shot a photo of this kind gentleman helping this person enter the Addison Market.

If you get the chance to visit the Dallas area, I recommend checking this out as well as Downtown Fort Worth. I know there are other walkable neighborhoods besides this, so ask around before heading there.

This article is a part of the Exploring the Walkability of America in 30 Days photo series.

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