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Creating Walkable Communities Presentation

Espanola Way in Miami Beach, Florida

Troy, Ohio Town SquareMy long hiatus from posting on this website has finally come to an end. I have had some recent big life changes: I got married, bought a house in a New Urbanist-style neighborhood in Rancho Cordova, CA, and have been going full-speed ahead working to bring true high-speed rail to California. I have also been working on some new business ventures that have taken up quite a bit of my free time.  Those of you reading this post on the website may notice that it’s undergone some major changes too (please pardon the dust, I am still putting the finishing touches on the layout and content).

Despite all of this, I am probably just as active as ever in promoting walk- and bike-friendly communities. Locally, I have had the privilege (and enjoyment) to serve as the president of WALKSacramento, a fantastic regionally-focused non-profit organization. A couple weeks ago, I led a workshop in Troy, Ohio to train planners and engineers how to create walkable communities. That evening, I also gave a presentation to the general public and elected officials of Troy.

I promised the workshop and presentation participants that I would share my slides on my website following the workshop. I am providing the slides in PPTX format, but if you’d like it in another format, feel free to contact me (note the PDF version is just as large).

Troy Presentation [PPTX]

One thing that I did not mention during the presentations is that all but a couple of photos I used are my own. I put most of my photos up on my public Flickr account and anyone is free to use them provided they give credit. You can access my Flickr account here. I’ve made over 8,000 of my photos public with several thousand more to come.

I want to again thank the presentation sponsors: Troy Community Works, the Miami Valley Chapter of APA Ohio, the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, and the Miami River Foods Project. A special thanks to the City of Troy for providing the projector and the replacement projector, and the Hayner Cultural Center for providing such a great venue.

If anyone has any questions about particular slides or has any follow up questions, feel free to contact me at eric (@) neighborhoods (dot )org.

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  • Dustin Littrell June 17, 2010, 5:15 am

    glad to see you’re back. You should come to the next 4th Wednesday Design Dialogue at the AIA Central Valley. Sacramento Senior Planner, Jim McDonald will be presenting on a less auto-centric Sacramento and discuss how Planning has evolved over the last decade. Should be a great discussion. Starts at 6pm, 1400 S Street, Free admission and light refreshments.

  • Don March 2, 2011, 7:04 pm

    I like what you’re doing. Great presentation. Definitely a need. Can’t support the high-speed rail, though. Go back just about exactly 40 years to the arguments for what became Amtrak. Amtrak this year has requested the largest public subsidy ever in the history. Of all the lanes, there are only 2 that are profitable. And the energy efficiency decreases dramatically with high-speed rail, dropping to possibly less than a typical modern sedan with the average inter-city occupants. Anyway, I’m a fan in your efforts toward walkable communities!!

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