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New Condos, Homes, and Lofts in Downtown and Midtown Sacramento

L Street Lofts in Midtown SacramentoUPDATE (2/13/10): I’ve added a few more properties to the list below, including both rentals and for sale units. Please check to make sure all places are still for sale. Some are converting to rentals. If you are interested in purchasing a new Sacramento loft or home, please email eric [at) neighborhoods.org or call 916-669-0676.

A local real estate agent contacted me for my recommendations on new condo, homes, and Sacramento lofts for sale in the urban core. I compiled a list with a few comments and links to websites and sent my response back…then I found this fantastic thread that covers all of the projects going on in the Sacramento urban core. This thread is definitely worth checking out, even if you’re not from Sacramento. There are hundreds of photos and many of the projects are ready for construction.

Nonetheless, the information I gathered for the agent could be useful for those looking to buy because most other sites include apartments and commercial projects. Of course, the real estate market in Sacramento has crashed and burned. The urban core has held it’s own so far, but that’s a topic for another day.

Here’s the list I compiled:


L Street Lofts (Pictured above – L near 19th):  Perhaps the best current option for urban chicness of the Sacramento lofts for sale. Located in the best neighborhood in Sacramento in my opinion!

Whiskey Hill Lofts:  Not passed by these much, but they look pretty nice. The neighborhood is rapidly becoming more lively. I believe these have switched from for sale lofts to one of the many Midtown rentals.

Alchemy (R & 26):  They are quite ugly in my opinion, but are more affordable for Midtown. Also in between two light rail stops, definitely qualifying as a TOD in my book.

Metro Square:  This is the established crown jewel of smart growth in Midtown, and has gained notoriety around the country. For us locals, it just blends in well with this quiet, beautiful part of Midtown.

Sutter Brownstones:  Beautiful Chicago-style brownstones in the eastern part of Midtown.

Tapestri Square:  Interesting neighborhood in Midtown, away from most of the action. A style that hasn’t been seen in Sacramento before.

Washington Park Village:  Nice homes constructed in a transitioning part of Midtown.

1600 H Street Lofts:  Looks to be fairly hip, but located on car-friendly 16th Street.


14 & R The Residences:  Probably the coolest block in all of downtown with the very urban 14 & R lofts above the new hip eateries, bars, and salon.

500 N Street:  Perhaps the tallest for sale units structure in all of Sacramento. Old and outdated outside, but remodeled inside. Very near the Downtown Mall.

9 on F:  Really cool and they’re the only LEED-H certified townhomes. Definitely a neighborhood in transition.

SoCap Lofts:  Has some very nice units. While I’m not the biggest fan of the neighborhood (several state buildings and small industrial sites), I’m hoping these come down in price because they have my interest right now. Probably the best of the Sacramento Downtown lofts.

Penthouses at Capitol Park (L&15):  Don’t know much about these but I would imagine they have an amazing view of the Capitol and Capitol Park. Also, this is one of the most lively blocks in all of Sacramento.

Some other homes and condos worth mentioning include:

12-13-P-Q quadrant:  Very nice single family homes, but high density. Way out of most people’s price range, but this is my favorite residential development in Sacramento.

Stanford Park Condos on P around 15th and 16th Streets:  I think built in 1981. Quaint but poor interior layout. My former neighborhood, which was also fantastic.


We really don’t have that many multi-unit condo projects in Downtown-Midtown, at least that are newer. The newer projects are mostly rental right now. The ones that have entitlements are on hold because they don’t have financial backing in this market downturn.

If anyone wants to add more–I’m sure I missed many–please let me know and I’ll add them. Hopefully this gives some homebuyers a place to start in the Sacramento core.

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