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Chicago White Sox, Partying, and… Walkability?

Yes, I can find a way to correlate anything to walkability, even my favorite baseball team’s first World Championship in 88 years. Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox and to the City of Chicago, it has been a long and painful wait. As I sat back in my state of euphoria thinking about the win last night, I thought to myself that it would be wild to be in Chicago right now. But then it dawned on me, where would I go to celebrate? Perhaps the best place in Chicago to celebrate is Wrigleyville, but that would not seem right considering it is enemy territory. So, this ties in directly with an idea I had for an article about the White Sox and one major reason why they are not as popular as the Cubs. The reason I will focus on is stadium location. The Cubs stadium (Wrigley Field) is located in a very walkable and hip neighborhood, full of street life and activities. U.S. Cellular Field, where the White Sox play, is surrounded by surface parking lots, a massive wall, and a freeway. And the surrounding neighborhoods have a bad reputation. Expect a more in-depth future article on this topic. But for right now, just enjoy the moment Sox fans. Maybe someday we will have our Cellville.

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