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Carnival of the Green #145

We’re proud to host this week’s installment of the Carnival of the Green! The Carnival of the Green is a weekly roundup of green issues around the blogosphere and is administered by TreeHugger, the leading media outlet for driving sustainability mainstream. Last week, Tiny Choices did a fantastic job hosting Carnival 144, and next week’s host is The Green Guy. Please make sure you stop by their sites.

I also wanted to take a moment to mention that the person that coordinates the Carnival at TreeHugger, Kara DiCamillo, suffered an injury last week. We certainly wish her the best and hope for a swift recovery! Now, on with the show…

Surfer Sam shares a touching article on how many of our favorite wildlife animals are facing extinction. He details which animals are in danger of extinction, animals that have been saved from extinction, and what you can do to help with conservation.

At The Green Motorist, Melissa takes a look at the two major party Presidential candidates green motoring platforms. Feel free to share with us which platform you think is better.

Nimic at The Green Routine tells us about 8 Products You Didn’t Know Were Made From Oil. I certainly didn’t know about some of these, and I’m sure you will be surprised as well. Can you say peak oil?

MissMalaprop is giving away a pair of children’s shoes made from
recycled materials
from Pedoodles new eco-friendly collection!! Just follow the instructions on her site.

Were You Wondering… What Do You Do With Leftover Paint? Katrina Cain lets us know what we should and should not do with our leftover paint.

How could I host a Carnival of the Green without mentioning that Friday is PARKing Day?! People around the world will be converting car parking spaces into mini-parks this Friday. Check out more information about the park I’m coordinating in Midtown Sacramento, or learn more about the event on the PARKing Day website.

Is it safe to drink from plastic water bottles? Victoria Everman has the final word on water bottle safety at her website. She also writes about a new green food guide that helps navigate the world of farmer’s markets, food blogs, and charitable organizations, and was able to exclusively unveil Ortolan’s Tarot and Paisley Collections.

At Sweet Solar Home, Brian Overland argues that the time to go solar is now because of rising energy costs and diminishing solar incentives.

Ever wonder where the water that enters your house comes from, how it gets processed, and where your wastewater goes when it leaves your house? The Littlest Guy explains why water conservation is important.

Praveen Puri of Tao of Simplicity alerts us to a big problem in Indonesia: komodo dragons are killing a number of locals on some remote islands of Indonesia, and the locals are blaming the Nature Conservancy. Find out why.

The southern coast of Peru is a desert coast with no plants at all.  But the ocean offshore is a goldmine of diversity, due to Humboldt currents and upwelling of nutrients that support a lush population of fish.  Sally Kniedel took many photos of the wildlife off Peru’s coast and posted contact info for safe, cheap, and comfortable lodging and transportation at the Veggie Revolution.

Sox First’s Leon Gettler shares that Silicon Valley’s venture capitalists think that renewable energy and green technology will be a lot bigger than the Internet.

Drinking from a straw is fun.  But straws are usually disposable and made from plastic.  Beth Terry at Fake Plastic Fish has found solution in GlassDharma: a company that is trying to save the world one reusable glass straw at a time!

The Silicon Valley Blogger at Digerati wonders if small spaces and tiny quarters that use less resources are worth the price tag in some regions? Many of our readers would think so I bet 🙂

Señor José shares a quick and easy green tip on bottles that reduces waste and saves you money.

And finally, JT at the Smarter Wallet offers us 10 tips on how to save money on gas. I would not have posted this normally, but I also think they are good tips for the environment. That doesn’t seemed to be mentioned.

Just to give you an idea of how popular the Carnival of the Green is—slots for 2009 are already booked out. I secured this date over a year ago not knowing that this would be one of my busiest weeks ever! I’m glad I did it though, I learned a lot. Thanks to everyone for your submissions and keep up the fight for a more sustainable world!

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