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Bored? Walkable Neighborhoods Jobs!

You may have noticed that we have a new link on the sidebar that says “Jobs.” With the help of Job-a-Matic, we now have a new Jobs section on our website. If you visit our jobs page, you can see the job we posted. We are looking for creative minds to write for our website. More information about that posting can be found here.

There are some neat features about our jobs section. First, you can easily post a job on the page. When you post a job, it will stay on the site for a specified amount of days (currently 45 days). Since the job section is part of the Simply Hired network, your job listing automatically goes into the Simply Hired database along with thousands of other job listings. These listings are picked up by various websites, including some major sites. So, your listing will not only be seen on this website, but also on potentially hundreds of websites. For cheap. Currently, it is only $25 to post a job ad.

The other great feature is that we can “backfill” job listings. Meaning that we can pull job advertisements from the Simply Hired database based upon keywords. There are some great walkable-related jobs listed. A few of the gems that I recall seeing include the State Ped/Bike Coordinator position with the Oregon DOT (Michael Ronkin’s old position), and the Bike/Ped Coordinator for the City of Davis, California (Tim Bustos’s old position).

We hope that this will be a valuable resource for our visitors. I wanted a way that I could post our own job advertisements, plus others from around the world. I would like it to be free, however, this system will provide more benefits then a custom-built system. In addition, I didn’t want to run into a situation where I had to turn non-related potential job postings down. I’d imagine that only people posting smart growth-related jobs will be posting ads since there is a fee involved.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks TechCrunch for making us aware of this system.

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