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Back From Seattle. Ohio. Back Online.

Greetings everyone! We had some website issues that took us down for a while. Unfortunately, it also took our site traffic way down. It’s amazing how that can happen so fast. We’re making a steady recovery though and we’ve upgraded our software to the latest version which will hopefully solve the problems.

I had an absolutely fantastic time on my trip to Seattle and Ohio. Seattle had perfect weather and I was stunned at how nice the city was. I hear that I was very lucky. The photo above is one of Seattle’s famous neighborhoods, Capitol Hill. I also had the opportunity to hike on Mount Rainier with fantastic weather as well. Surprisingly, the hike there rivaled my best hikes at Yosemite.

Ohio was great too. Very hot and humid though. I visited old friends and attended a wedding in Wooster. I got to hang out in historic old towns like Germantown, Oxford, and Miamisburg (pictured below). I also stopped in Columbus on my way to the airport to get carry out from one my favorite restaurants, Bento Go-Go. Their Veggie Bi Bop (a twist on the classic Korean dish) is just killer.

I shot over 800 photos on my trip and it’s been a bit cumbersome going through them on top of the 7,000 other things going on right now. Expect more posts with photos soon!

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