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Announcing Our New Home and Condo Selling Program

We have launched our new home selling program, where we will help people sell their homes or condos. This program compliments our existing homebuying in walkable neighborhoods program. We feel that we offer several distinct advantages to starting the home selling process with us:

– We have access to the largest referral network of agents in the entire country, so we can refer you to a selling agent in your town – practically anywhere in the United States.

– If your home is located in a walkable neighborhood, we will list your home on our site for free. Our website gets a considerable amount of traffic when compared to the exposure your listing would receive on the average Realtor’s website. Plus, we have the technical expertise to market your listing to potentially thousands of interested parties through the Internet – something that most Realtors are not able to do.

– We receive many requests from people looking to relocate to walkable neighborhoods anywhere – as long as it is walkable, the location does not matter to them. So, we can link those requests directly to you.

– We can help you find your next home in the perfect neighborhood better than anyone else can.

To get things started, visit walkableneighborhoods.com/sellhome/.

We are also looking for Realtors interested in becoming a certified agents to buy or sell homes in walkable neighborhoods. If you are interested, please let us know.

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