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An Inconvenient Truth: A Review and Video Trailer

Yesterday, I watched Al Gore’s movie on global warming, An Inconvenient Truth. The movie was quite compelling and how Mr. Gore laid out the facts left little to refute in the debate about global warming. Some of the evidence he showed was just astounding – especially with what is happening at the North and South Poles. The movie is definitely worth seeing, unless you are someone that is familiar with all of the research and believe that global warming is occurring, then you might want to wait until the movie is released on DVD. I think that one important thing that Mr. Gore states during the film is that global warming “is not a political issue. It’s a moral issue.” I could not agree more. Whether or not a person is conservative or liberal, there are just some issues we all have to look at and come to a consensus on because all the facts are there. Such is the case in this movie. If we do not act now, it will be too late to react.

While I enjoyed the movie, I do not feel like it was the best movie I have ever seen – like the hype leading up to it would have you believe. I guess it is probably because I like to find solutions to problems, and solutions really were not mentioned until the closing credits. The film did mention several solutions in the credits that we constantly address in articles on our site, so that was positive. I understand, however, that the message needs to get out first and it is up to individuals to figure out how to address it. The credits also mention the site climatecrisis.net as a resource. We certainly can provide a lot of ideas on how to reduce carbon emissions as well.

By the way, if you are worried about listening to Al Gore speak for two hours and getting bored, it should not be a concern. It is probably the most riveting slide show presentation you will ever see.

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