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Amazing Street Reclamation in Wodonga, Victoria

David Engwicht is truly a magician, as this excellent Streetfilm by Clarence Eckerson Jr. demonstrates. If you’re never seen him speak before—he’s quite good and very entertaining. I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like him and probably never will again. In a good way!

Wodonga, Victoria in Australia, is just across the Murray River from Albury, New South Wales. Albury is perhaps more glamorous than its sister city across the river, but they are both pretty much like your typical smaller Midwestern cities from what I recall of my brief visit there in 2002. That’s what makes what they’re doing in Wodonga so special: any place in the world can do what they’ve accomplished. It just takes some willpower. Many cities and towns do something like this once per year. Lucky ones can accomplish this once per month. Why not strive for once per week in your community like Wodonga does?

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