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Algiers Point: A Walkable Community of New Orleans

I realize that New Orleans may never be the same again, but that will not stop me from writing about what was there and what could be again. New Orleans is such a unique city in America. It blends a touch of “old Europe” with the modernization you will find in most American cities. The charm and character of its people is unmatched. If you visit, you will have an unforgettable experience. I certainly hope they can rebuild and maintain the Nawlins identity.

I have visited New Orleans three different times, and no, not just to party on Bourbon Street (although I admit that I have enjoyed myself there too). One of my favorite memories of New Orleans was walking through a community on the West Bank called Algiers Point (across from downtown). Sure, its neighborhoods are not the most classy I have been to, but they have great character and define the term “walkability.” The homes there are beautiful and historic: Algiers Point was established in 1719. Front porches dominate the streetscape and local markets are present in nearly every neighborhood. There are beautiful street trees, and each parcel is has its own distinctive style that makes your walk entertaining and refreshing. Here are a few photos:

I remember the day I spent in Algiers Point very well. I was going through a difficult time in my life, but I recall that at the end of that day I felt so relaxed and at ease. The same could be said about my friends who walked with me. We all wanted to move there because it was REAL. It also helps that it is located on the Mississippi River, just across from the downtown skyline. People that live in Algiers Point can walk from their homes, board a ferry, and be right in the heart of downtown in ten minutes. That is my kind of commute! I would not go as far to say that Algiers Point is my favorite walkable community, but it certainly ranks in my top ten.

I invite you to visit the Algiers Point Association website to learn more. Also, check out our New Orleans photo gallery to see more photos of this community and many more neighborhoods.

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