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A Small Victory for Us to Celebrate

As I was searching for a photo to include with this article, I went right for my San Francisco photos, since this article is written in response to a San Francisco Chronicle article. Without realizing what photo in particular I was looking for, I decided to check out my Noe Valley photos and came across this one. I felt that this photo is indeed appropriate because I have some “Good News” to report.

Lately, it has been encouraging for me to see so many mainstream media outlets covering the topic of walkable neighborhoods. I know that at least a few staff members at most of these large newspapers and television companies are stopping by this site because I can see their domain name server in the website logs.

I need to read articles covering walkability to know that it’s worth keeping the fight going, because I must say, some days it can be quite discouraging when you know that 95% of your country’s urban landscape is sickening and completely designed for a singular mode of transportation. It’s also discouraging to know that for every smart growth battle won today, there are probably 100 battles lost (if you can even call stamps of approval battles).

Today, I read an article that put me in a better mood. San Francisco Chronicle columnist Carol Lloyd practically sold everyone on all the ideals we talk about here, only she didn’t mention our website (But I won’t hold that against her. After all, there’s only several hundred million or so websites on the web.). Her article, Can urban design keep you from getting fat?, discussed many of the public health research areas we’ve highlighted on this site before. She also mentioned how desperate people are to find affordable walkable neighborhoods. That’s what our real estate referral program is designed to do.

So, for the advocates of walkable neighborhoods, I encourage you to read this article, sit back, and smile. Even though the news she’s reporting isn’t all positive, she is raising awareness of the issues. We need to celebrate small victories to give us the courage to press forward. We have to keep fighting for the 30% of us that want to live in affordable, walkable neighborhoods that right now don’t exist, but hopefully someday will.

Can urban design keep you from getting fat? [San Francisco Chronicle]

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