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A Columbus Walkable Neighborhood: The Arena District

If you need a definition for revitalization, take a trip to one of central Ohio's top walkable attractions — The Arena District in Columbus, Ohio.

Head back into the last century and you”d have found a lot of empty lots and nothing that really made for a reason to exit of I-70 or St. Rte. 315. And people were not. The downtown area was struggling as residents continued to move further into Union and Delaware Counties in endless sub-divisions. Of course, there was the Short North, German Village, and campus areas that had desirable sections. For the most part though, downtown was a place to work and then return to your home in the suburbs.

When Nationwide Arena opened its doors in for the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill “Soul to Soul Tour” in 2000, it ushered in a rebirth of another urban area and created another “true” downtown environment.

Sites that had been destinations before became hubs of downtown living. The North Market has been around for more than 125 years, but it became a community “market” for those moving into downtown around the area. Reports have a Whole Foods Market moving into the area and of course the new Huntington Park will open in 2009 as the home of the Columbus Clippers. Continue Reading this Article at Sadie’s Take on Delaware Ohio

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