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What is Walkable Neighborhoods All About Anyway?

Eric Fredericks, founder of Walkable NeighborhoodsHey, how’s it goin? I’m Eric Fredericks, the lanky and geeky founder of Walkable Neighborhoods, and if you’ve ever thought to yourself:

  • How can I find a home in a walk friendly neighborhood?
  • How do I find affordable quality housing in a great school district?
  • How do I create walkable places in my town?
  • Where can I live without a car so I can stumble home from the bar (and avoid a DUI)?
  • How can I earn extra money on the side by doing what I love–creating walk and bike friendly places?

…You’ve come to the RIGHT place!

Psychotherapy for Walkability Lovers??


Simply put, I love helping people solve their neighborhoods problems. Maybe call it psychotherapy for walkability lovers.

Eric Fredericks leading a walkability workshop in Troy, Ohio

Eric Fredericks leading a walkability workshop in Troy, Ohio

Here’s why I do this:

I believe at least 30% of people want to live in a walkable neighborhood, but only about 5% actually get the privilege to do so (and there’s some solid research to back that up). That means there’s a HUGE market to fill that gap between what the people want and are getting.

That means a need for Realtors to get people into neighborhoods they actually want instead of drab urban sprawl.

That means urban planners are needed to “go rogue” and actually fix this problem instead of waiting on the sidelines.

That means people with disabilities FINALLY able to find a neighborhood that they can live in independently.

Instead of sitting around whining about how people just don’t get us and moan about how things need to change…

…subscribe to Walkable Neighborhoods (it’s free) and you’ll get PROVEN tactics and research from top experts, Realtors, urban planners, oh and me too.

About Eric Fredericks

Eric and Jason Fredericks

Eric Fredericks founded Walkable Neighborhoods in 2005 and has been providing expertise on walkability for over a decade.

Eric has worked as an urban planner in local, regional, and state government, as well as the private sector. He has played an integral role in shaping California’s complete streets policy and design guidance. He has spoken at several conferences and workshops around the USA.

Eric lives in the walkable Capital Village of Rancho Cordova, California. He is married to Sarah, has a son, Jason, and has two dogs, Edgar and Oscar. He is a graduate of the Urban and Regional Planning program at the University of Illinois.

Something unique about Eric is his passion for connecting the walkability world with the online world. The Walkable Neighborhoods website has had over 1,500,000 views since its launch. His work has been featured on over 150 major news outlets, publications, and blogs.

If you would like to learn more about how Eric did all of this while juggling all these other life responsibilities, just enter your email below and click “sign me up!”